What You Need to Know About Winter Tires

October 20th, 2014 by

Stack of tiresWinter is inevitable, but winter driving accidents don’t have to be. Winter tires give you control and are an investment in your safety. To many, it seems like an unnecessary expense. We want to make sure that customers at out Swift Current, SK Nissan service center understand the value of winter tires, so we have put together a guide.

How do They work?

Elasticity. To function well and maintain traction, tires need to be elastic. Winter tires are built with a special compound that maintains elasticity even at cold temperatures. They’re able to stay elastic at temperatures as low as -35° C.

Tread design. The tread design of winter tires is specifically engineered to prevent snow build-up and improve traction on icy and snowy roads. Tiny razor cuts in the treads bite into ice and snow to minimize sliding.

All-Season Tires vs. Winter Tires

In general, all-season tires are designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride in most weather conditions. The treads are wide to give them broad contact with the road, and the tires are constructed for long-term wear. Unfortunately, all-season tires start to lose elasticity and traction when the temperature drops below 7° C. When it’s that cold, the durable elasticity and unique tread design of winter tires allow them to grip the road better.

Winter Tires at Knight Nissan in Swift Current

Transport Canada recommends installing winter tires in sets of four, not just on the vehicle’s drive tires. This ensures your car has total winter support across all tires; you won’t be oversteering in one direction because certain tires have more grip than others. At Knight Nissan, we provide winter tire installation to help keep Swift Current, SK drivers safe. Contact our service department or call us at 306-778-7000. Our dealership is located at 1420 S. Service Rd. in Swift Current.

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