Tips From Knight Nissan: Finding the Right Used Car

April 7th, 2013 by

Inside Knight NissanThere are few things more daunting than looking for a used car. At Knight Nissan in Swift Current we know there are a number of anxieties playing with your emotions during this automotive goose chase. First, there is the seemingly overwhelming amount of options you have to choose from, and knowing where to start is the probably the biggest challenge. Then, there’s the fear of getting a ‘lemon’ or getting ripped off. Both of these things can lead drivers to make poor and even strange purchase decisions. Knowing what to expect during the process and how to explore your options can help you to stay calm and find just the right car for you.

Buying a used car can be quite enjoyable, in fact. Rather than just picking from this year’s latest models, you have a much wider range of options to choose from. While most dealerships only offer one brand of new vehicles, used inventories usually have options from many different manufacturers. Knight Nissan, for example, has pre-owned sedans, trucks, crossovers, and more from Ford, Dodge, and Chevy, among many others.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a used vehicle.

  • Before you start looking, think of what you’re needs are. What kind of car are you looking for? How long do you expect to keep it? How much can you afford to pay a month on financing? Make yourself a list of questions and honest answers to help you in your search.
  • Take advantage of the online used inventory. Knight’s used inventory allows you to search by year, make, model, and body style. You’ll also find information about vehicle specifications, features, fuel economy, price, and more. Exploring inventories on your computer is a relaxed way to see what’s available and compare options.
  • Though an older car may seem like a better bargain, think about it in the long run. A vehicle with more miles on it won’t last as long, especially if it hasn’t been regularly serviced. Your insurance rates might also go up if you purchase a vehicle with considerable wear on it. A more expensive used model may be the better investment.
  • Test drive it! This may seem obvious, but make sure that you like the feel of a vehicle that interests you and that you like driving it!

Visit Knight Nissan today to check out our pre-owned inventory! Our friendly staff is standing by to help you find the perfect vehicle for you.

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