How to Test Drive a Car: Choosing Your Next Vehicle

November 4th, 2013 by

2014 Nissan AltimaBesides buying a new home or starting a new business, buying a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases most people make throughout the course of their lives. Beyond the costs, your vehicle is where you’ll spend a significant amount of time and is something you depend upon to keep you and your family safe, comfortable, entertained, and able to arrive at your destinations on time. With a decision that important, you need to do your homework first — and a big part of that is the all-important test drive.

The Test Drive

The test drive is the part of the car shopping process that allows you to really get a feel for the car. Follow us as we go through the most important aspects of this essential step in finding your next car.

  1. Do your research first: Before you even step behind the wheel of a car at the dealership, know what you’re looking for. That means checking out online car research guides and determining what you want in terms of car type, model, trim, and features.
  2. Get a feel for the cabin: One of the most important parts of your future car is how it feels on the inside and how the vehicle’s electronic displays are set up (this is called “ergonomics”). You’ll be spending plenty of time behind the wheel, so before you even step on the gas, make sure you like how it feels, that it seems intuitive and attractive, and that it has all the important features you want (Bluetooth, cruise control, satellite radio, etc.).
  3. Take it for a spin: Once you’re on the road, try to get a feel for the vehicle in a number of different ways. Check out the vehicle’s blind spots. Get a feel for how the vehicle turns. Is the steering responsive? Does it have a comfortable turning radius? How’s the suspension? If it’s a sports car, is it responsive? If it’s a luxury sedan, is it smooth and comfortable? And last but not least, does it have the power you’re looking for both in terms of need and desire.
  4. Take your time: While it might be tempting to make a deal on the spot, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little shopping before you make a big decision. Make sure to test-drive a variety of models, and get a feel for a number of them before you sign on the dotted line.

How to Take a Test Drive

You can take a test drive today at Knight Nissan by calling us at (306) 778-7000 or by messaging us through our online contact form. We look forward to making your car buying experience as fun, affordable, and stress-free as possible.

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