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Regina Drivers Visit Knight Nissan For Their Oil Changes

What is the key to keeping your vehicle running its best for years to come? Here at Knight Nissan in Swift Current, our service department stresses that a regular maintenance schedule is vital to protecting the overall health of our customer’s cars. This is why we only use manufacturer recommended fluids and filters so that we can ensure each job is performed to the highest standard. Receive a top-quality oil change near Regina at our dealership!


Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to guarantee that a car will function for as long as possible is to make sure it receives an oil change on a consistent basis. Oil is responsible for a host of vehicle functions:

  • Lubricates moving engine parts
  • Transfers heat away from the engine
  •  Keeps engine clean and prevents wear and tear

So what happens when oil starts to deteriorate and it isn’t changed?

  • Your car will likely experience a decline in performance
  • Its fuel efficiency will decrease
  • Your engine may begin to run too hot, and the resulting damage could permanently ruin your engine.

Just remember to have your oil changed every three months or 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on your engine, and you won’t have to worry!

Schedule an Oil Change Today

Whether your car is in need of an oil change right away or in another couple months from now, our service department will work around your availability to get your vehicle into our garage when it’s most convenient for you. Just fill out an online service form and let us know what date and time works best.

If you would like to make an oil change appointment over the phone, just contact our service team at (306) 778-7000 today! Our dealership is located at 1420 South Service Road in Swift Current, which is 245 km from Regina via SK-1 W, so make the trip over here soon!