Nissan Reveals the ZEOD Racing Car for LeMans 2014

August 1st, 2013 by
Nissan Leaf

The Leaf was just the beginning—Nissan is expanding their electric car production with ground-breaking advancements.

Touted as the world’s fastest electric car, Nissan announced their plans to release their prototype electric racing car last month right before the 24-hour LeMans race. When information about this vehicle was released, the automaker was invited to bring their Nissan ZEOD (Zero Emissions On-Demand) racing car to next year’s LeMans race and enter it under the competition’s “Garage 56” classification. Here at Knight Nissan in Swift Current, we are particularly excited about this vehicle, as it will work to eliminate the notion that electric cars can’t be as powerful as they are efficient.

The Future of Racing?

For Nissan, the ZEOD racing car protoype is more than just a vehicle. It’s a combination of demonstrating new technology and raising awareness of the company’s ability to design and race vehicles that run entirely on electricity. It will use the same lithium-ion batteries currently found in the Nissan Leaf, but there will be a variety of powertrains tested within the ZEOD racing car before next year’s LeMans race. Gasoline engines and electric motor combinations are just a few of the possibilities available to the Nissan ZEOD RC. If there is a gasoline engine used in conjunction with an electric motor, it wouldn’t technically be a zero-emissions vehicle, but Nissan has addressed this.

The executive vice-president at Nissan has said that they are developing a method to switch between electric power and gasoline power on-demand without sacrificing performance. This is part of the reason why the Nissan ZEOD racing car is also a tech demo. If this technology is successful, Nissan plans to implement it in their other hybrid and pure-electric vehicle offerings as well.

Tracking the Design and Development of the ZEOD Racing Car

To build public interest, Nissan will be posting progress updates and demonstrations of the Nissan ZEOD racing car to their Nismo YouTube channel. Enthusiasts of Nissan and LeMans racing alike can follow the ZEOD RC from its early development all the way up to the completed vehicle in time for next year’s LeMans race. So far, early design images have shown the vehicle with a DeltaWing shape. During the 2012 LeMans race, another vehicle featured this design and was also a “Garage 56” classification entry, but it was not equipped with an electric powertrain.

Find Your Perfect Performance Vehicle

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