Nissan Friend-ME Concept Unveiled in Shanghai

April 30th, 2013 by

Nissan Friend-ME ConceptFor many years the Chinese auto consumer was seen through the filter of an older generation, but as the old guard settles in with their more traditional cars, the young guns are moving in with a new kind of taste for style, interconnectedness, and even individuality. With the unveiling of the all-new Friend-ME concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show, Nissan has proven that it is hip to the new generation.

While there’s no doubt that the Friend-ME is targeted at men from the huge B?línghòu region of China, there’s plenty for the North American auto buyer to be excited about as well. As we’re waiting to see if something like the Friend-ME will be unveiled here in Canada, stop by Knight Nissan and check out the latest state-of-the-art new Nissan models on the market!

Stunning Design

What really makes the Nissan Friend-ME stick out from the competition is its daring design features. This exciting new concept was built as a measured response to China’s young generation—which combines a traditional collectivist reserve with a more forward thinking and technologically in tune individualism. The result is a muscular vehicle with incredibly flashy lines that are sure to turn heads. The headlights and grille are beautifully integrated into the sporty, aerodynamic presentation, while a wide, low stance provides an intimidating presence.

Built for the New World

Whether you’re in Canada or China, the reality of the day is increasing fuel prices, an understanding that the petrol reserves aren’t infinite, and a recognition that we need to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the future of the planet. The Friend-ME responds to all of these concerns with a vehicle that saves money on fuel by using less of it. The Friend-ME is equipped with an advanced hybrid powertrain, making this a vehicle that goes green while still delivering an exciting ride for both onlookers and the person behind the wheel.

What’s Next?

While there’s not anything on the books for an official Chinese or North American release of the Friend-ME, it’s clear that Nissan has its sights on the world’s 20-something generation. Whether you’re looking for a hot new sports car or a comfortable family sedan, Nissan has you covered. Knight Nissan in Swift Current is the premier Nissan dealer in Saskatchewan and can help you find the right model to fit your needs!