Nissan Celebrates Vehicle Milestone Creatively

September 16th, 2016 by

Nissan Altima LogoWhen vehicles reach certain milestones or receive certain awards, it’s only right that the manufacturers get a chance to rejoice about their accomplishments. However, this time Nissan decided to celebrate a little differently than normal with a creative take on one of its record-breaking Nissan Qashqai – a vehicle soon-to-be released in Canada.

Creative Celebration

In 2015 Nissan released a vehicle to the European market by the name of the Qashqai. The vehicle was an instant hit with consumers and managed to break a record for the quickest that a U.K. vehicle broke the half-million mark in July of 2015. After having such an impressive run with the original model, Nissan stepped up its game and began working on a limited production Black Edition of the Qashqai.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Black Edition Nissan took a very creative approach by commissioning the making of a 3D model of the vehicle. Artists working on the model used the latest 3D printing technology, 3Doodlers, to get to creating a life-size, detailed replica of the vehicle. With 3Doodlers, there is no automatic printing, but instead everything is done by hand, so artists had to draw each and every detail by hand using incredible precision. In total it took 800 hours of manpower and 8.57 miles of plastic stands to complete the sculpture, an immense amount of dedication for those involved.

While the vehicle is not currently available for sale in the North America, this kind of innovative use of technology only shows that the world is constantly evolving and creating more technology for not just vehicles, but all areas of interest, and that’s something that’s definitely worth talking about – even if we can’t get our hands on this impressive car.

New Adventures Start with Nissan

Though the Nissan Qashqai may only be available in Europe, there’s still plenty of Nissan love to go around. At Knight Nissan of Swift Current we love to discuss all the cool things on the Nissan horizon, check out some of our other interesting blogs today to learn more. To get started on the path toward your next Nissan vehicle.

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