Nissan Awards World’s Fastest Man with Gold GT-R

May 15th, 2013 by
2013 Nissan GT-R

2013 Nissan GT-R

A special ceremony was held for Usain Bolt as Nissan presented to him a Nissan GT-R with an exclusive gold paint job. One of the brand’s biggest promoters, Bolt was given the GT-R as a token of Nissan’s appreciation for his numerous contributions to the company. The Olympic gold medalist also had an online auction for the Usain Bolt Foundation with a “Bolt Gold” Nissan GT-R as the top prize. Here at Knight Nissan in Swift Current, we are proud to provide vehicles from an automotive manufacturer that cares just as much about their customers as we do.

Breaking Down Bolt’s Golden Speed Machine

  • Interior: The golden Nissan GT-R is outfitted with a bright, flashy white material as well as a specialty Bose sound system.
  • Exterior: Aluminum-alloy, hyper-titanium wheels emblazoned with an exclusive “Spec Bolt” emblem really makes the GT-R pop. They certainly add a little extra to the overall look, and that says something considering the fact that Bolt’s GT-R is a bold, gold colour.

This Nissan GT-R is based on the 2014 model and everything about the car was chosen exclusively by Usain Bolt himself. As far as how the car drives, that was all arranged by Nissan engineers. They used data accumulated during Bolt’s test drive of the next model year’s GT-R automobiles. Little did he know that they would use that data to construct a brand-new GT-R that drives just the way he likes it!

The Handoff

On May 5th, Bolt received his gold Nissan GT-R at his Jamaican training facility. The vice president of Nissan’s regional Caribbean headquarters handed Bolt the keys himself. He is currently in possession of one of the two golden Nissan GT-R’s in existence, with the charity auction winner being the owner of the second GT-R. As the face of Nissan’s global marketing campaign and an advocate for the development of culture and children’s education, it’s no surprise that Nissan and Usain Bolt would use this special model as another opportunity to give back to charity.

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