A Self-Driving Nissan Leaf is in Development

April 17th, 2013 by

2013 Nissan LeafAutomated, self-operating vehicles have been a concept for quite some time, but they have only recently become developmental experiments. One such company from the UK known as RobotCar has created a system for a self-driving Nissan Leaf. Here at Knight Nissan in Swift Current we are very excited about this marvel of cutting-edge technology, and hope we’re not too far off from these models become available to the public. The sheer possibility of a Nissan vehicle operating with the processing power of a single tablet computer is beyond innovative, and the complexity with which this system functions is rather brilliant. Let’s take a look at some of the details surrounding this self-driving Nissan Leaf!


Autonomous Start-Up and Pedestrian Care

Even though this self-operating Nissan Leaf is in the early stages of development, the system is already capable of starting up on its own and is even equipped to handle scenarios in which pedestrians are involved. For example, a demonstration involved the Nissan Leaf running its automated system and had a person walk in front of the vehicle during a route. The Leaf knew to slow down and stop entirely until the “obstruction” was cleared from the roadway, then continued moving once it had recognized that the street was clear. While this all sounds like a very slow, awkward process, the Nissan Leaf reacted and proceeded to adapt to the situation in a matter of seconds. The efficiency at which this system operates is quite impressive, even more so at this current developmental stage.


Is This the Future of Vehicle Safety?

Automated machinery and their operating systems have advanced dramatically over the years. They have become increasingly efficient and have allowed for safer work environments for their human counterparts. Transferring this idea to a self-driving automobile aims to eliminate the human error from vehicle operation altogether. A car that is self-driven has sensors in place that can “pay attention” to every side of the vehicle and will drive at a consistent speed, changing for maximum efficiency to match whatever the road conditions might be. This will not only extend a vehicle’s range, but could improve gas mileage. However, like all mechanical systems, there will be glitches and maintenance involved, so the likelihood of commercially produced self-driving cars coming out soon is slim. There is still a lot of work to be done, but this is truly an exciting time.


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